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Your Time, Your Right: Overtime Violation Claims for IT Professionals
Outten & Golden LLP is experienced in overtime violation claims for IT professionals. Computer & IT Professionals, are you receiving the overtime pay you deserve? Your time is valuable. At Outten & Golden LLP, we handle many wage and hour claims, helping professionals like you get the compensation you’ve earned. Let’s ensure your rights are protected!

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Are You Working Overtime Without Proper Compensation?

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, computer professionals like you may qualify for overtime pay. Unfair pay practices are, unfortunately, more common than you might think. If you've been working long hours without receiving proper overtime pay, you might have a wage and hour claim.

Why Choose Outten & Golden LLP?

We're a leading employment law firm committed to fighting for fair wage and hour practices. With our expertise and dedication, we've been successful in securing fair compensation for many professionals.

Our experienced attorneys are ready to delve into the specifics of computer professional exemptions, ensuring you understand your rights and get the compensation you deserve.

Your journey towards fair compensation begins with a single step. Contact us today!



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Recent Cases

Outten & Golden LLP represents a group of plaintiffs who have filed a case raising concerns about overtime practices at Odoo, a global business management software company. These plaintiffs, including individuals with titles like Account Executive, Account Manager, and Customer Success…
Outten & Golden LLP represents a group of Loadsmart sales employees. Loadsmart sells logistics services and software solutions to its clients, which include shippers and carriers nationwide. Plaintiffs are three former Loadsmart sales employees who brought this case as a collective action…
James Caldwell
On Friday, July 10, our partner Jenny Schwartz, along with co-counsel Patrice Goldman of the Law Offices of Patrice L. Goldman, won a $1,355,000 verdict in California Superior Court (Marin County) on behalf of James Caldwell, an employee whistleblower who was retaliated against – after 11 years…

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