John Catsimatidis defends late $645,000 payment in settlement of Gristedes workers’ OT case

New York Daily News Daniel Beekman
October 22, 2013

Lawyers for Gristedes supermarket workers who sued billionaire boss John Catsimatidis for unpaid overtime slammed him over a late payment Tuesday.

But the failed Republican mayoral candidate called the spat a non-issue that was quickly resolved.

The workers’ lawyers said Catsimatidis agreed on Sept. 19 to cough up $645,000 in additional legal fees in the case.

The cash was due Monday, but The Cat Man ” failed to pony up, lawyer Justin Swartz said in a letter Tuesday to Manhattan Federal Judge Andrew Peck.

Your Honor ordered defendants to pay $645,000 to class counsel on or before yesterday, ” Swartz wrote. We write to inform the court that defendants are in contempt. ”

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Catsimatidis plans to appeal an aspect of the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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