NY Workers Group Files Another Lawsuit

March 8, 2013

NEW YORK A Staten Island carwash service here is the target of a lawsuit alleging that the carwash did not pay minimum wage and overtime to employees, and it redistributed customer tips intended for workers, according to a press release.

The Feb. 26 release stated that the lawsuit was filed in the Brooklyn federal court against Clean Touch Carwash LLC. The carwash location is accused of violating the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, New York Labor Law and the New York Wage Theft Prevention Act.

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The lawsuit stated that workers were not paid the applicable minimum wage, their tips were stolen and workers were sent home without pay when the wash was not busy. Also, the workers were not given legally required notices of their pay rates and hours.

Currently, two workers are involved in the court case. The legal team is seeking to have the lawsuit certified as a collective and class action to recover unpaid wages and other damages.

Read the entire release here.