Two Additional Plaintiffs join Microsoft Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Steve Ragan
October 28, 2015

On Tuesday, lawyers in the gender discrimination lawsuit against Microsoft filed an amended complaint that names two additional plaintiffs, both of whom are current Microsoft employees.

The original paperwork was filed in September.

Katie Moussouris, a noted security researcher and the woman behind the development of Microsoft’s bug bounty program, alleges that over the years Microsoft has engaged in “systemic and pervasive discrimination” against female employees in technical and engineering roles.

On Tuesday, Holly Muenchow and Dana Piermarini, both current Microsoft employees, joined the class action seeking back pay as well as monetary and punitive damages.

The complaint hinges on the promotion policies at Microsoft, which ended in 2013, called stack ranking. Stack ranking is a practice that the complaint says “systematically undervalued female technical employees compared to similarly situated male employees.”

Both Muenchow and Piermarini have outlined grievances similar to Moussouris’ including having to deal with sexist remarks and treatment, reprisals for taking maternity leave, and despite having made significant contributions to Microsoft’s business, they were overlooked for promotions and financial compensation, while lower ranked male peers moved ahead in the company.

Ms. Piermarini has a longer section in the amended filing, highlighting a number of issues including what happened after she went to her manager with a complaint.

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A copy of the updated complaint is online.