C. G.

“As I sat in the aftermath of over a year of workplace discrimination and trauma, I assessed a total of 8 law firms to determine the right fit. Looking back, it’s obvious that the solution to my problem was always in the name, afterall, it’s only natural that a firm aptly named Outten & Golden (O&G) would outshine others. 

Expertise, masterful educators, and empathy are the descriptors that come to mind when thinking of Menaka Fernando and Kendall Onyendu. They validated my experiences, fought tirelessly for my settlement, and in the moments I was too exhausted and afraid to face my giant, removed me from harm’s way and unflinchingly stood before me. The impact and trauma of workplace discrimination is destabilizing and knowing who to trust in the aftermath can be hard. You won’t find more skilled or trustworthy partners than the O&G team and I know that your experience and value as a person will always be placed above profit.”